52 Gaj Ka Daman Ringtone

52 Gaj Ka Daman Ringtone Download Mp3 Ft. P Dahiya, A Jaji, R Panwar

Listen and download the viral song of Renuka Panwar 52 Gaj Ka Daman song ringtone for your mobile in mp3 with Renuka Panwar Chatak Matak song tone for free download.

Renuka Panwar, a promising singer from Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district, Khekra, has rocked the country with the Haryanvi song ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’. Panwar’s song has so far been liked by 1.5 million people. Renuka’s song on DJs remains the first choice of people at the wedding ceremony.

The promising Renuka Panwar has made her mark in Haryanvi and Punjabi cinema. Renuka’s song ’52 Gaja Ka Daman’ became the first choice of people in the auspicious time of weddings. The song has been liked by over 1.5 million people so far.

Renuka’s brother Vicky Panwar told that Haryanvi star Amar Jaji and Pranjal Dahiya have acted. The song has been written by Mukesh Jaji, a resident of Gajekar Pani Na Chali, Geetkar Sonepat. Music is also given by Aman Jaji. The team had high hopes while recording the song.

52 Gaj Ka Daman Song Ringtone

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52 Gaj Ka Daman Video Song


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