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Mr. and Mrs. 55 – Classic Bollywood Revisited! Please check our definitive list of Bollywood Classics for the last time before you die. Hundreds of films were made and ranked in many dimensions of Bollywood cinema including story, direction, performance, musical composition as well as cultural influences and heritage. We included Hindi-language films made between the period 1979-1919, which are included in the list of the best classic Bollywood films to date. Some on the list are industry’s favorite favorites, while others may surprise you.

The winners include names such as Guru Dutt, Bimal Roy, and Raj Kapoor, the masterpiece synonymous with Indian cinema — each of which is one of Bollywood’s greatest films of all time. Always wondered why some young Harvard students like us like old Indian films so diligently? No matter what you know about Bollywood, the films in this list will change your understanding of Indian films as before. From the village epics that play with our national identity, in the melancholy poetry of a sudden disenchantment, classic Bollywood films take us from the enchanting glamor of Bombay nightlife to the majestic gardens of Kashmir. They lead our souls through suffering and loss and revive our souls with redemption.

Pyaasa, or “thirst”, is the story of a person’s pursuit of compassion in the cold frenzy of post-independence Indian society. Vijay is an unpublished poet who has been rejected by his own family and scorned by socialists and his allies. After befriending a prostitute who shelters her, Vijay is presumed dead and her poem “posthumously” is that of a lioness. He becomes an overnight sensation, mourned by fans across the country, and given true victory an impenetrable label. India entered its golden era of filmmaking in the 1950s, when its long-awaited independence from England and the hopes of a new government created a social tinderbox of great expectations and disillusionment. Pointing to the technique of using the lyrics of the song as a direct extension of the film’s dialogue, Gurudutt as writer-producer-director-star painted a stirring figure of humanity’s modernization.

At the turn of the 17th century, Prince Salim fell in love with court dancer Anarkali and waged a war against his father Emperor Akbar to marry her. Director k. Asif’s huge cast, opulent sets, intricately designed costumes and exceptionally staged battle scenes made the film the most expensive ever produced in India at the time. But despite all the grandeur, the film has a warm heart, and the dangers of romance between Salim and Anarkali are shown in each glimpse they share. Although the love story is the backbone of the film, it is Samrat Akbar, from which the film gains its name (“The Great Mughal”), which takes it to the center stage, as it seeks love and frivolous demands for its only son. The Mughal Empire is torn between. Every line of dialogue is written with ornamentation of the poem, symbolizing the elegance of the thunder lightning of the Mughal-e-Azam.

In the grandeur of Muslim Lucknow at the turn of the century, Pakiza is a courtesan and dancer who dreams of leaving her life behind when a stranger falls in love with her in her train compartment, not knowing her true profession. With revolving romanticism and cinematography like Swapnadosh, Swapna, Pakiza instantly became the most extraordinary music. Perfectionist director Kamal Amrohi, who also wrote the screenplay and a few songs, effectively transports the audience into a stunning age of Begon formality and luxury. Each of Pakiza’s popular semi-classical songs depicts the duality of a courtesy poem, once glamorizing elaborate rituals of love and destroying the institutions that upheld them.

With tragedy inflicted on her family, newly married village Belle Radha is determined to face social and personal adversity without compromising her honor. In doing so, she re-establishes herself as an enormous symbol of her pride of India as an ancient culture and a new democracy. A defining film in the history of Bollywood, director Mahbub Khan’s iconic Mother India set the pattern for a Bollywood film of over 60 years. An anthology of traditional values ​​and an homage to the beauty of Indian heritage, Mother India’s spontaneous epic glory about self-sacrifice and female empowerment referred to the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 1958 it was done.

A corrupt businessman turns into a spiritual guide after a misunderstanding, who becomes his idol from a village surrounded by drought. Based on RK Inspired by the Narayana novel of the same name and a superb soundtrack, the guide discovered a fundamental Vedic transformation from materialism, free of worldly engagements, into a very unlikely hero. A blasphemous love story settles into the background as director Vijay Anand, twisting social fabric from adultery and non-traditional gender roles to religious deception, in a film that portrays situations Hue evolves into a massive philosophical awakening, which is a brilliant reflection. Double entrants according to its title.

At the height of the golden era of filmmaking in India in the 1950s, a famous film director feels unaffected by the tin-lined glitz of studio era Bollywood. When he discovers a new actress, innocent to the corruption of the industry, he admits that he has found a collection to ease his uneasiness. An Allegiq behind-the-scenes film about filmmaking, Kahgaz Ke Phool became a cult classic following the horrific semi-autobiographical death of his director Guru Dutt. Trapped in a world of hypocrisy, Guru Dutt portrays a kind of yearning that slowly and slowly wipes the soul – a desperate hunt for a human relationship. The real Vijay is in the film’s superb camerawork, gliding gracefully through the empty studio sets, like Dutt’s beautiful audience of his shattered desires.

A female lawyer is determined to prove her lover’s innocence in an attempted murder over the life of a respected judge. Structured into a medicine race, the film’s flashbacks reveal the injustice of her lover’s past, when the very judge condemning him proves to be his own father: a man who threw his wife on the streets when he She is believed to have raped a criminal. The echoes of the dark texts of the ancient Ramayana shatter the debate of stray nature versus nurture with a showman’s temperament and surrealist imagination, including the film’s mythological dream falling to hell. Awara first launched Raj Kapoor’s famous Chaplin-esque hero, which resonated as the voice of a new generation in the Soviet Union and Communist China.

To save her marriage, the younger daughter-in-law of a wealthy family sacrifices her moral boundaries to gain victory over her alcoholic husband. The crispy Bengali feudal system, Sahib, a melancholy glimpse into Bibi, and the slave unravels a dazzling murder mystery at the heart of his progressive vision of social liberation. Viewed from the point of view of a young factory worker, who seduces his young mistress, Sahib, Bibi into a luxurious mansion, and the slave opens the doors to the hollowness of outer splendor. With the downfall of the grassroots elite of Calcutta against her will, the portrayal of Meera Kumari’s tortured wife has always been regarded as one of the most spectacular on-screen performances in Bollywood history.

When her lover dies in battle, an unaware mother leaves her son for adoption, as he tries to watch her in privacy as she grows up in another’s home. His poignant worship, or the adoration of his fiancée, and his son became immortalized in the Indian cinematic psyche as the adventurous struggle of a traditional society changing modern values. One of the greatest soundtracks of Indian cinema so far, the Aradhana symbolizes the versatility and creativity of leading music directors of the era. From the youthful romance of “Kora Kagaz Tha” to the solemn Burdick songs of “Roop Tera Mastana”, the priceless seductress of “Safal Hoge Teri Aradhana”, the film is remembered as much for the brilliant performance of Bollywood’s golden era. music.

A peasant family fights to save their ancestral land from a cunning mill owner. Does the Bigha land follow the father and son’s journey from their delightful village to Calcutta to earn enough income to pay off their debts – only to find out the sufferings of urban poverty. Inspired by the work of Italian neorealism, Do Bigha Zameen inspired early parallel cinema with the spirit of “every day,” and an invisible, unhealthy camera whose shots and miss-n-scenes are both meticulously and effortlessly fluid. Directed by Bengali auteur Bimal Roy, the film’s nationalistic power impressed a wide audience, becoming the first Indian film to win the Prix International at the 1954 Cannes Film Festival.

Old Hindi Songs Ringtones

  • Are Yaar Meri Tum Bhi Ho Gazab
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  • Banno Ki Saheli Resham Ki Dori Old Ringtone
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  • Sari Duniya Meri Aankhon Mein Simat Aayi Hai
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  • Kissa Ajeeb Tha Pehli Mulakat Ka
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  • Dosti Karte Nahi Dosti Ho Jati Hai
  • Download
  • Hum Tumko Nigahon Mein Is Tarah Chupa Lenge
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  • Rula Ke Gaya Sapna Mera Old Hindi
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  • Apne Labo Ki Hasi Aye Kash De Du Tujhe
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  • Yeh Zindagi Hai Safar Tu Old Hindi Ringtone
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